Allow us to once again share some exciting experiences in the ministry. Your prayers have been moving mountains and transforming curses into blessings. Thank you so much!!!


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The Laudencias : Rey, Vivs & Daniel



´Therefore having these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all defilement of flesh and spirit, PERFECTING HOLINESS in the FEAR OF GOD.”  – 2 Cor. 7:1

Allow us to once again share some exciting experiences in the ministry.  Your prayers have been moving mountains and transforming curses into blessings.  Thank you so much!!!

‘Bienvenida’ to a multi-cultural ministry.

Youths from Spain, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Philippines, USA & Germany gathered for a night of ministry.  It was a time of celebration before the King of Kings offering talents that each one has – cultural, modern & contemporary dances including poems & testimonies.  This celebration is our way of welcoming newcomers to ART COMPANY, committing each one to the Lord for His anointing and blessings launching them into the ministry of winning souls for Christ.

Launching leaders to Evangelize in Legazpi & Puerta del Sol.

Delegating responsibilities to young leaders takes a lot of faith.  Praise God for the work of the Holy Spirit transforming the hearts of our members in the group.  One Saturday, in front of Carrefour Supermarket the group evangelized.  With their mime uniform they performed w/ object lesson evangelistic preaching & dynamic testimonies.  After the event, Luis (the church coordinator) gave Rey a real encouraging comment. “Your group did such a powerful ministry. Please, let us do a regular activity together. I am asking a special permit from the authorities to set-up a stage & involve the entire church in evangelizing our community & I need your group to spearhead the project.”   It was the first time Rey released this new group and they already made a great impact , Hallelujah!!!

Our Discipleship Module opens door to the ministry.

Maggie & Pamela from the U.S.A. were invited to join our discipleship cell group.  They came to Madrid to study for 6 months.  After our ministry time, they decided to do mission with us during their stay.  According to them, back home they were actively involved with Campus Crusade, and now they are excited to apply all that they’ve received from those trainings. They realized that the Lord brought them to Spain to be part time missionaries.  Finding a group with common vision is not easy but once you’ve found it, doors open wide to fulfill what God originally intends us to do and to be, Amen!!!  Now, they are part of our round table ‘inter-cambio’ ministry.

‘INTERCAMBIO’ – a round table evangelism approach to reach

the university students in Madrid.

Rey experienced what it is to be inside a bar contaminated with cigarette smoke, super loud music with people shouting at each other on small tables drinking alcoholic beverages trying to inter-change languages to be able to learn to speak fluent Spanish or English.  They call these events ‘INTERCAMBIO’, but unfortunately this is not the ideal place to learn & practice languages. They can’t get anything there but headache and bad company! Please pray for this, ART COMPANY posted an advertisement on a popular free newspaper called “IN MADRID” inviting people for a night of INTERCAMBIO from 8:00-10:00 pm every Saturday at C/ Tesoro 30, Madrid.  This is a Christian round-table discussion with the purpose of practicing English or Spanish using favorable, educational & evangelistic themes or topics.  We’ll see you there if you happen to visit Madrid J.

Menorca church transforms curses into blessings.

Materialistic societies consequently draw people to crave more for wealth& riches.  Hard working people have no problem to earn a lot. And time is converted into gold for them.   But what about our time with the Lord?  Would it still be a priority? Praise God that His children know what their priority is.  Seek ye first God’s kingdom and all of these will be added to you.  Despite of the hectic schedules in between jobs & important appointments, the church in Menorca is steadfastly serving Him. Four of the new converts were baptized on the 9th of Sept. 2007 & four teens are praying to do the same after accepting the Lord.   Apparently, relationship-conflicts were settled and a vision for a coffee-bar evangelistic center was given birth.  Please pray for God’s approval and back-up for all of these openings.

Prayer Requests:  Please remember to pray for …

> Follow-up from the Massive Evangelism in Plaza de España 29-30 Sept., > ‘Noche  Inolvidable’ Festivals:  in Torrejón :12 Oct., > Advertisement posted at ‘IN MADRID’ magazine re: ARTC evangelistic activities,> Evangelistic outreaches w/ the local churches in Madrid, > Noche de Fiesta 20 Oct., >Christmas cantata preparation. >English classes > Practices of various groups.

THANK YOU for all your financial, spiritual & moral support to us & the ministry.


ARTC TV Show – “REPERTORIO”. “Pandango Sa Illaw” dance. Vivs praying for Pili. Neighborhood Summer get together.

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