Dear Friends & Prayer Partners,

       ?He who sows righteousness reaps a sure reward.? a- Prov.11:18

Please remember us in your prayers, trusting for God?s answer through the prayers of the righteous.  And may the Lord continue to unite  and use  us as we intercede for one another.

?         14 th of May?05 at MECO, ALCALA ? we will evangelize this town. - Brother Jose Antonio has been asking permission to use the Cultural Center.  May the Lord grant him favor from the authorities. 

1.   "EL JUICIO FINAL" theatre play will be presented.  May all the actor & actresses be able to make it without conflicts from their activities & that the Lord put evangelism as a priority in their hearts.

2.  May the Cultural Center be filled up (expecting 500) & that the publicities & posters would really be useful in  inviting these people to watch the play.

3.  May souls be won to Christ that night & that follow-up be effectively done channeling the contacts to the local church. 

4.   May the Lord meet all the needs to materialize this projected evangelistic campaign.


?         The  ART COMPANY Salvation Army Group will be doing an evangelistic tour this month of  May:

1.  They will be in  Valdemoro (May 14), Galicia (May 21-22), Cataluna (May 28-29).  We ask for God?s protection & strength for everybody to be in perfect health giving their best for the Lord to evangelize these places

?         The musical play entitled  'HISTORIA DE JOB 2005" is being produced.  Thank God for Julian our scriptwriter . (May-June Project)

1.   May the Lord provide the finances, we needed at least  800 euros for the stage sets, props, costumes , smoke machine & lightings.

2.   May the Lord grant help & wisdom to Isabel as she design & build the stage props with the rest of the group.  For Ana as she plans, coreograph & rehearse the dancers doing the musical part.  For the actors/actresses to put in their heart as they give their very best for God;s work



3.  Wisdom & grace for Rey as he  produce &  direct the play with the assistance of Jorge y Susie.

4.   May we reach the goal of performing it on Julio 2005, to the local churches & public places by the grace & help of the Lord.   

?         The MOVIDA campaign in Mallorca is being prepared... (July 25-August. 8)

1.   May the Lord open the door for us  to use the College Hall in Capdepera to accommodate all the  participants during this campaign , as the Pastors are presently securing the permit to use it.

2.   May the Lord, our Jehovah Jireh provide the needed finances for all the participants & leaders wanting to come  to be able to cover their airfare, local transports & food.

3.   May we be able to secure the permit to use the Plaza stage for the MOVIDA festival we are preparing in both places : Capdepera & Palma de Mallorca.

?         The festival in EDINBURGH is being prepared ...(August 4-15)

1.   May the Lord help us in our first attempt from Spain to evangelize in Edinburgh through creative arts.  We will do it in collaboration with international artists & the event is called Shine Festival

2.  This is an opportunity to expose the youths from Spain in foreign missions , and may the Lord open this door for them to have a favorable & blessed experience.



With God?s blessings,   Rey & Vivien Laudencia          ART COMPANY SPAIN MINISTRY



"GOD BLESS AND I LOVE (fill in the blank with person's name)”

Dear Friend in Prayer,

By now you should have developed the daily routine where you pray the first 5 Great Prayers everyday; all day long.
(Again, one of the best ways to make sure you do this is to write the Great Prayers on an index card and carrying The 7 Great Prayers with you for easy reference.) With Prayer Four you learned how to pray to ATTRACT God’s Blessings into your life. When you pray the Third Great Prayer it helps you to become “aware” of the awesome power of God that is “inside” you.  This prayer again is…

"GOD YOU ARE INSIDE ME”   Yesterday’s prayer was the 5th Great prayer, and that is…. "GOD I SEE YOU EVERYWHERE  This prayer helps you recognize God’s presence everywhere, in everything, and in everyone. Now that you’re “see God everywhere” I ask that you incorporate the 6th Great Prayer into your daily prayers. You see, if God is inside you (Prayer # 3), and God is everywhere (Prayer # 5), then whenever you see, meet, talk, and work with people, I’d like you to say the 6th Great Prayer, to yourself, this prayer is…

"GOD BLESS AND I LOVE (fill in the blank)” Loving one another has always been one of God’s top commandments, and Jesus asked us to do the same when he taught us to:

Love thy neighbor as you would love yourself. Now let’s keep in mind why you first came to my website a few days ago, you were searching the internet on the subject of prayer.  If you’re like most of the people that visit my site and purchase Prayer Power products you are looking for prayers to “attract” BLESSINGS and ABUNDANCE into your life. First, you’re not alone, hundreds and hundreds of great people, just like you come to my site, each and every day looking to attract ABUNDANCE and BLESSINGS into their life. You can have them!  But nothing is free, and that includes requests to God.  In order to Receive you must Give, and the best and easiest thing you can give is your love for God and others. When you open your heart to others, you are acting and living as God commanded you to do. God will give you the BLESSINGS you request, on the condition that you are “good” to yourself and “others”.  If God is “inside” you, that means He is also “inside” everyone you meet on a daily basis.  Friends.  Family.  Co-workers.  People on the street.  Any, and everyone!  And yes, even those you don’t like, those that have wronged you; those that if may be your enemies has God within; unlike you though, they may not recognize that God is in them.  God is inside them too.  Though for some of these types of people you may have to look REAL HARD and deep into their soul to find God. But before we get into those you don’t care for, or who have wronged you, let’s first do the easy stuff and that’s to give BLESSINGS to all those that you know and meet. As for myself, I pray this prayer, all day long…

"GOD BLESS AND I LOVE YOU” The first people I pray this prayer too is my family.  When I wake and turn to see my sleeping wife I say…

"GOD BLESS AND I LOVE YOU TRACEY” When I say pray this prayer to my wife Tracey, I look deep into her soul and say it to God who is inside her; the same God that is in you and me.  I then this prayer internally to myself when I see my children.  Sometimes I say this prayer internally, other times I say it out loud.


  I am a very verbal person.  And whenever I talk to my wife and kids, I finish every, and I mean almost every discussion with the words “I LOVE YOU” and I encourage you to do the same.I say “I LOVE YOU” even if we’ve had a tough discussion and we’re not happy with one another at the particular moment, I still say, I LOVE YOU.  I’m saying this POWERFUL statement to both the person and to God whom I know is within them.  I even tell my co-workers I LOVE EM, and people that I’ve been doing business with for some time; I’ll finish the phone call with … LOVE YA!  I’m serious.  I’ve done this for a good ten years now.  And why not?  This is God and Jesus’ commandment to us.  If you love someone, let them know it.  It’s good for them, and it’s good for you! Your spirit is like an active and flowing river, and the best way you can keep it flowing is by saying and thinking “I LOVE YOU” all day long.  If you don’t do this, and you repress this important thought and expression, like a damn to a river, you back up all this energy, and this is not a good thing, your love is meant to be shared, it’s meant to flow, it’s not meant to be kept within.


Back to the lesson and the 6th Great Prayer.

Now that I’ve said

"GOD BLESS AND I LOVE YOU  to my wife and kids, I say it to internally to all that I meet.  When picking up my clothes at the dry cleaners, I say it to the cashier, I say it to the toll collector, I say it to the bank teller, the gas station attendant, I say it to any and everyone.  (Not out loud, but to myself.)
  When I say it, especially to those I’ve never met before, I look into their eyes, I look into their soul, knowing that the same God that is me is in them, and I say it to recognize God and to Praise God, ala, Prayers 1 & 3 of The 7 Great Prayers.  Are you starting to see how all 7 of The 7 Great Prayers work together?  Do you see how each prayer adds power to the other prayer?  Again, this is why these prayers are so great!   Now let’s talk about saying this prayer…

"GOD BLESS AND I LOVE YOU  to those that you don’t like and who may have wronged you.  This is tough, and I speak from personal experience.  At first I found this very tough to do, and in fact, and to be honest, I still have some challenges in doing this, but I know I have to if I am to be a true child of God, if I’m to do God’s work here on this planet, and if I’m to attract BLESSINGS and ABUNDANCE to myself and my family.  So…to those that you don’t like, and to those that have wronged you, still say this prayer.  Say it when you see them.  Say it when they are not around you, say it whenever you think of them, the important thing to do is “just say it”!  God is somewhere inside these people; though you may have to look real hard and deep.  It’s not healthy to harbor ill feelings for anyone.  A different twist to this 6th Great Prayer, when it comes to someone you may not like is to say…

"I FORGIVE YOU AND GOD BLESS AND I LOVE YOU”  Now you're not loving the wrong doings of this person, you are instead loving the goodness in that person, the God within, and by you praying this prayer to them does two things.
  First, it just may help that person be a better person.  Second, it helps you.  For you to truly ATTRACT more Blessings into your life you HAVE to get into with God’s positive energy.  Forgive and forget.  Let go and let God.  As you start incorporating this prayer into your life, and as you start BLESSING everyone you meet, you will be positioning yourself to ATTRACT Blessings from God.  For you never know through which person or persons that God may work through to help you in your life.

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