the Laudencia’s update


October/November 2004 NEWSLETTER

“God looks down from heaven on the sons of men

to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God.” Ps. 53:2

  1. A group of young people came to know the Lord.
  2. IMPACTO 2004-2006—a project spearheaded by ART COMPANY in Mallorca.
  3. Connecting with youths & adults through artistic encounters.
  4. Active participation among the talented members.
  5. Your prayers did it all !!!

We trust God’s faithfulness & unfailing love to sustain us all as we serve in God’s vineyard TOGETHER.

For all your prayers and support, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

In His Care,

Rey, Vivien & Daniel


A group of young people came to know the Lord.

As a result of three weeks effort of putting up “EL JUICIO FINAL” posters all over Torrejon town in Madrid, weekends prayer vigil & active participation in inviting people by the church members, the “Iglesia Manantial” was filled up with people. Our ART COMPANY musical production crew & theatre performers ministered & then the altar call in the end. Several hands were raised as the Pastor invited the people to the altar but, 8 young girls came forward, crying their hearts out to God accepting Jesus in their hearts. Prepared counselors ministered. Afterwards, all of them approach Rey at the backstage, grateful for the impact they received through the ministry of music & drama. Along with their parents (inquiring for the possibility) they all gave their names & telephones to sign up to join ART COMPANY. That Saturday they all came to join our regular practices. Evelyn, one of the girls, a singer & member of the theatre casts in the community, offered her help with our voice exercises & be a part of theatre group . Praise God for such an incredible , fruitful & victorious evangelism !!!

IMPACTO 2004-06 : a project spearheaded by ART COMPANY in Mallorca.

A vision from the Lord conceived for about 30 years now in the heart of a Church Elder is now being materialized. He is our brother Jaime Fernandez, a Spanish from a Baptist Church in Palma de Mallorca. As a concept, he defines “CORPORATION” as — “The Body of Christ together fulfilling the Great Commission”. Referring to Jesus ministry as He mentioned to be in “His Father’s business” Luke 2:49. He presented the project with this in mind & called it IMPACTO 2004-2006. Rey met him during the “MOVIDA” Campaign as he participated & saw our approach using performing arts in evangelism. He was blessed & challenged that he invited ART COMPANY to help him with the evangelism their church was planning to hold for three months. In September 2004, “IMPACTO 2004-06 CAMPAIGN” began with our musical production performances at the nearby park by the church. Antonio encouraged the participation of the three churches representing ART COMPANY members (Capdepera, Manacor & Palma) to join him with the vision. He suggested to do it as a long term project 2004-2006 to saturate the unreached cities & towns in Mallorca with the Gospel. Last October 08-17’04 we ministered in Lloret, a small town about 30 min. drive away from Palma, Rey encouraged the Filipino Music Band to perform along with the ART Company team. The performance was a CULTURAL CONCERT with international dances, Folk Songs & Instrumental Numbers along with mime & testimonies. The small community heard the Gospel message & souls were saved. Among those who came to know the Lord was a German married to a Filipina, a Spanish couple & some others who rededicated their lives to the Lord that day.

Then that Sunday afternoon the play “JUICIO FINAL” was presented in the Baptist Church. Seven souls accepted the Lord — actually relatives & members belonging to one family. As a result, two more churches became partners with IMPACTO 2004-2006 — the Filipino Christian Fellowship & the Salvation Army Church in Palma through the ART COMPANY team formed within these churches. To God be the Glory !!!

Connecting with youths & adults through artistic encounters.

“Saturday Morning Fever” , that’s what we have from 10:00am til 2:00pm every Saturday! We spend four hours of hectic practices doing: Hiphop, Flamenco, International Dances & Mime with a short 15-30 minute break to take refreshments & have devotional time. Also voice exercises will be added starting November, as we’ve got some singers in the group wanting to sing for the Lord. We average from 15 to 25 mostly young people. Every time we get new ones interested to join in. It’s fun and exciting to see the youths taking the lead, always punctual & really committed. The best place to meet new friends & be a part of God's big wonderful family. Opportunities like these challenge us more to keep this ministry going!

ACTIVE participation among the talented members.

Our Flamenco dances are being taught by Ana (she’s 16, a full blooded Spanish), Hiphop dances are our Dani’s specialty, he choreographed & teach it (he’s now 15), Evelyn (18, she’s from Ecuador), she’s willing to do exercises on vocalization. The matured ones are collaborating in various ways: Antonio(a Spanish guy) disciples the group by passing on through internet our art company weekly devotionals, Silvana (from Columbia) serve as our make up artist/ props coordinator, Ceasar & Elizet (a couple from Peru) are our ART CO PALMA, MALLORCA Coordinators, Rose & Joy (from the Philippines) are our ART CO Filipinos Coordinators, Naty & Fernando (both singles from Chile) are our Capdepera ART CO Coordinators & more names we will introduce on our next updates .

Your prayers did it all !!!

Glory to God !!! Victory after victory is what we’ve been experiencing...despite of the furious spiritual wrestling every time we launch to preach the Gospel! The truth of the matter is that we need to accept the reality that this are all part of our walk with the Lord, even almost everything seemed to be against us – difficult circumstances, conflicts, uncooperative weather, material needs, authorities, sickness etc. These are all part of the challenges we need to face constantly. Sometimes it’s so easy to listen to the enemy's lies & threats to give up & retreat but because of each one of you ... with your prayers, your spiritual & moral support, your love & generosity, your faithfulness to us & to the Lord, each of you … are used by the Lord to renew our strengths. To inspire us to face the challenges ahead with hope & assurance that together we can do it & make it through the finish line, Amen!!!