this is the essence of discipleship!!!


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       “ But whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ.  What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the SURPASSING GREATNESS of knowing CHRIST JESUS MY LORD, for whose sake I have lost all things.  I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ…” (Phil. 3:7-8) ->  this is the essence of discipleship!!!


Pastors Conference held in Monforte, Galicia.  (Sept. 27-30 ’07) Rey’s association with the local pastors gives him favorable credential to work with any local evangelical church in Spain.   This is the platform he uses to maximize the effort of reaching cities & towns with the Gospel using the creative performing arts.  The relationship with the pastors enables him to link with churches along with their professional musicians and artistic ministries forming networks called ART COMPANY network.  As a result, evangelistic festivals are being set up, the television program called “Repertorio”  feature fresh talents and new faces of artists testifying for God’s glory.  And the ministry could liberally promote unity and harmony among the family of God moving on forward ravaging all forms and barriers of indifferences, religiosity, denominationalism and legalism.

‘Dia de Integracion’ for the Evangelical Churches in Spain. A Historical event held at Pza. España last Oct.6-7’07.  The Spanish gov’t. could not help but recognize the evangelical churches as legal churches and never to be categorized as a sect or a cult group.  The Lord performed a miracle that day, the storm stopped as a Pastor boldly rebuked it through the microphone.  The policemen ready to face the counter attack of the opposition group didn’t bother to come because the strike was cancelled due to the threat of a bad weather.  Though it was cloudy, there was no rain.  Booths were set-up, most of the churches were represented along with other Christian organizations.  Evangelistic Festival was held with songs, dances, mime, testimonies, gospel preaching and worship celebration.  Praise God, churches were impacted with our short performance that we received a lot of invitation afterwards. Glory to God.

Torrijos Church revived and mobilized.  Last weekend (Oct.12-14), Pastor Mauricio from Torrijos invited ART Co to train their youths in evangelism.  Friday night: we held personal evangelism workshop; Saturday morning: the youths learned “I love Jesus ” pop dance. In the afternoon, the adults learned mime and at night time along with the group we performed in two parks.  Youths crowded and people heard the Gospel.  Despite the fact that we didn’t had permit, the Policemen hid to allow us to freely evangelize the town.  Now ART Co. Torrijos is preparing for the next project: “EL JUICIO FINAL” theatre play.  The entire church will participate again, Amen!

English class is winning soul session for us. Gladys & Donnah asked Rey why they need to start with a simple English prayer in our classes.  He shared the Gospel as a reply.   They both accepted the Lord &  now excited to learn more, not just English but also about the Lord.   They learn Christian songs, memorizeBible verses and learn to bless others in English.

Daniel from Italy joined ART Company.  For a year, Daniel Wilson (19 yrs. old) committed himself to help us out in the ministry. Through his father’s recommendation, after browsing through our ART COMPANY WEBPAGE, he was convinced that  a Sabbatical year will be worth spending in Spain as a missionary.  Praise God, He is now using all his songs (originally composed), ability to dance, theatre skills &  his entire year dedicated to serve for the sake of God’s kingdom.  Please pray for more talented artists like him to join us.

More stuff coming:  Weekend evangelism; English classes; Discipleship Module; Prayer Cell; Ev. Film Showing; “REPERTORIO” TV program; Leader’s training conference in Toledo (Nov.6-9’07); ART Co. Festival in Pz. España (Oct. 27’07); Church Convention in Gandia, Spain (Nov.9-11’07) -> Please pray for God’s blessing in all these wonderful opportunities to reach the Spaniards with the Gospel.


DEEP CONCERN for us !!!

We really appreciate it.  May the Lord shower you back in abundance what you have been sharing for the extension of God’s kingdom here in Spain.  Love & prayers, Rey, Vivs & Daniel


Display stand during the historical “Dia de integración de las Iglesias Evangélica” en Plaza España, Madrid.


Rey on a televisión interview.

Daniel Wilson dancing hip-hop.  

Park evangelism in Torrijos, Spain.

Pastor’s Conference in Galicia.

Susan doing a dance workshop.

ART CO. Torrijos in action.