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DISCIPLESHIP MODULE for Creative People:  About 8 -10 youths gather every Thursday afternoon for our DMCP session.  The Lord has brought so much surprises as we meet week after week, allowing the group to grow in faith, love for one another and commitment in their walk with the Lord.  Our evangelistic outreaches continue.  At the Puerta del Sol on Friday nights we are there to minister. We have a small box that serves as our platform to attract the crowd.  Testimony is being shared with object lesson to keep their attention focused. Mime is performed. Gospel message is preached. Then literatures are given out for us to be able to have personal interaction with the people.  In one occasion,  Rey was able to witness to a family of three, a couple &  2 friends who openly accepted the Lord and appreciated the effort we were doing in preaching the gospel on the streets to help the people know about the truth. Afterwards, we gather at the Christian centre located at Km.0, by the Puerta del Sol.  Each team member has the opportunity to share their experiences, then we pray for the contacts we had that night.  Follow-ups are being done and contacts are being channelled to churches.  Other follow-up approach we do are birthday celebrations, Bible study discipleship sessions and one on one mentoring.  Praise God for a new outreach location we have in Ciutadella, Menorca. (It was the old Menorca capital during the Muslim dominion until 1722). Let’s pray for the couple – Rufo & Emy who opened their home & accepted the privilege  to lead this new group.


 ART Company in Puerta del Sol, Madrid   Preaching the word on top of a box.    Evangelistic Mime.        Testimony w/  Object Lesson

BRIEF TESTIMONIES of contacts from different outreach locations:

~ Jeff (Puerta del Sol): “I admire the way you reach out to people, it was special.  Thank you for sharing to me the Gospel, I really appreciate it.”  (Jeff accepted the Lord with his friend during our evangelism at Puerta del Sol, Madrid).

~ Serafin (Madrid Babel): “I am a believer of God, but not a fanatic Catholic. Yes, I believe in Jesus and would like to have him as my Saviour.” At Madrid Babel, we do language inter-change (Spanish, Italian, French, English, etc.) to make friends &  win souls for Christ on the process.

~ Antonio (Vallecas): “Before, I was so sarcastic about praying, but after we prayed, he did a miracle and prove me that He’s real. Now I would like to go to church and as much as I could would like to be part of your ministry.”

~ Ana (Mahon, Menorca): “My son was completely healed, thank you for your prayers.  The doctors confirmed that he doesn’t need to be operated anymore.”

~ Rufo (Ciutadella,Menorca): “Me and my family would like to serve the Lord that’s why I would like to say YES to God today for this opportunity opening my home to be used in whatever means for His purposes and for His glory.”  

These and many more are being ministered to, evangelized, prayed for, trained, mentored and exposed in the ministry here in Spain.  Please continue to pray for God’s favor, wisdom and protection as we constantly respond to the need of seeking the losts for Christ.


ART Company Discipleship Module. Personal Evangelism at Madrid Babel.  Prayer Meeting at the KM.0 Centre. At the Torrejon Fiesta.

THANK YOU for all of you who support us financially, praying and backing us up both morally and spiritually, friends who care and love us and partners in the mission that the Lord gave us so we could toil in love, unity and in one spirit.

THANK YOU for continually praying for our ministry projects:  Teens Concert “Una Noche Inolvidable”, Workshops focused on ARTS: our educational & cultural approach to reach out to the communities, Theatre Productions,  Festivals, ART Company Networks, Streets Evangelism, Discipleship Module, Missions exposure & Church Planting.  Our retreat in Albacete &  networking with the Pastors in Almeria.

THANK YOU for:  We Boon & Shwu Ling’s hospitality &  generosity to offer us a week ‘time-share’ vacation in Almeria.  For our supporters in Singapore who gave us love gift for us to enjoy this luxurious break.

“ A man of many companions may come to ruin,

 but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” Proverbs 18:24