MERRY CHRISTMAS and thank you so much for being with us throughout this year. Blessings, Rey, Vivien & Daniel


Rey preaching in a Dominican Church.           ART COMPANY worshipping thru an int´l dance.   Church Convention in Betel, Madrid.


“For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given and the government will be on His shoulders.  And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of  Peace …” –Isa.9:6    MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU. !!! 


PRAISE THE LORD for His victorious acts and unfailing promises!

Ø       “ For two years now, we have been meeting once a month as group of Pastors, but lately we were getting discouraged because we felt that we are not doing anything.  Praise God for your challenge to us to unite our effort in reaching our communities through creative evangelism.  This gave us hope and joy in our hearts.  The Lord is so good to bring us something new, a fresh annointing  through your ministry.” – Pastor Ephraim of the Vallecas Church in Madrid.

Ø       “ We are a group of young people who felt the urgency to serve the Lord and reach the losts with the Gospel through the talents that the Lord has given us.  It’s discouraging at times because no one seem to understand us, no pastors would like to support the vision. Thank you for the ministry of ART COMPANY that we could be involved and evangelize along with different churches with the assurance that we are covered spiritually.” – Gaby , Monederos Church ART Company coordinator

Ø      “ Brother Rey, now I know that Jesus is real!  When you told me to pray for my severe head ache.  I did to obey you,  and when you asked me if the pain was still there, I’ve realized that it was completely gone, Praise Jesus!.” – Blaire, 5 year old boy from Menorca.

Nothing in this world could give us much joy in serving the Lord than hearing testimonies of people from different walks of life giving praise because of what Jesus did in their lives.  Glory be to God!

November activities:

-           About 2000 people gathered in Madrid for the Church‘s 9th Convention, ART Company rendered a special worship dance number & the Filipino group from Madrid & Menorca formed a Choir directed by Rey to sing a song related to the theme: “Öne Vision, One Goal”.

-           A group of pastors with their people from Seven Dominican Churches invited Rey to speak at their monthly fellowship to challenge the group as the leaders aim to mobilize their people - uniting them in worship and moving out to fulfill the Great Comission.

-           About  20 people are now gathering regularly at the pioneering Filipino church in Las Rozas. The mothers are grateful that there is a church close by where they could take their children along and be able to attend the Sunday services.

-         Some groups in Capdepera, Menorca, Palma de Mallorca, Madrid, etc. went through the turbulent trials of  Church division. Now Rey had to deal personally with a group.  The Great  Shepherd in Ps. 23 gave us the assurance that He cares for His church.  We need to deal with the problem and not just let the leaders devour and divide what the Lord started.  The sheeps are the victims in this case.  In wisdom &  God’s divine intervention the church was kept in tact.  Glory to God!

Praise God for the many opportunities this  Christmas season to evangelize along with the churches. Once again to all of you who are faithfully serving the Lord and being used by our Great Provider to stand along with us in the ministry, WE THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Sincerely in Christ, Rey, Vivien and Daniel



Madrid & Menorca Fil. Grp. rendered a special number.    Vivien hosted the group visiting Madrid.   Menorca Church flight to Madrid to attend the convention.