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August—September 2004 NEWSLETTER


“The earth belongs to the Lord . Those who have clean hands & pure hearts will receive blessing from the Lord. Such is the generation of those who seek Him…” Ps. 24:1-6 1. GLORY TO GOD FOR THE PROJECT “MOVIDA’04” … it was such a great blessing !!!
2. The church in Capdepera, Mallorca has some testimonies to share.
3. For Dani, this was a Summer of Blessings.
4. A Baptist Church in Palma, Mallorca is on fire for the Lord.
5. ART COMPANY line-up of activities:
6. Our Prayer Vision for the year 2005!

With hearts of gratitude & appreciation we as a family would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your prayers & support to us & the ministry here in Spain. The Lord bless you in abundance - Rey, Vivien & Daniel Ritchie


Glory to God for the project “MOVIDA ‘04” … it was such a great blessing !!! . 14 churches , 7 in Madrid ( w/ 30 participants) & 7 in Mallorca (w/ 60 participants) got involved, mobilized & were revived as they used their God-given talents in singing, dancing, theatre plays, & other performing arts. Being presented as Evangelicals - in unity we proclaimed the message of salvation through the testimonies of children, teens, youths & adults who boldly shared their personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Through the MOVIDA musical productions, Rey as the host did interviews of testimonies in between performances. The community park was prepared with stage lights & sound systems also with chairs provided by the municipal hall. WE EXALTED THE NAME OF JESUS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CAPDEPERA TOWN FILLED WITH FOREIGNERS & SPANISH AUDIENCE. Testimonies after testimonies were shared as a result, appreciating what the Evangelical Christians did in their town & were looking forward for another special event we would do. From the park we invited the people to go to the church to watch our play "EL JUICIO FINAL" (The Final Judgment). The church was filled with new faces as a result. 12 souls accepted the Lord as their personal Savior. Rey movilized the churches represented in Mallorca by forming a new ART COMPANY team (composed of 50 volunteers) using the musical productions & the JUICIO FINAL play to serve the churches all over MALLORCA.

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE EVANGELISTIC CAMPAIGNS TO BE HELD IN PALMA DE MALLORCA on the 12th of Sept. & the 1st week of October. Also, the ART COMPANY MADRID TEAM will perform in Valdemoro on the 12 of Sept. In Malaga, a team is inviting Rey to form a new group in October ‘04. Praise God for the many open doors to multiply this ministry as a key to open doors in evangelizing Spain for Christ. MOVIDA Project (Misions & Opportunities in Summer Integrate with your gift of Arts) —a summer camp w/ special focus on performing arts, lord willing will be held as an annual summer activity of ART COMPANY. We have invited instructors in performing arts, also pastors giving discipleship classes in an informal creative settings like time at the beach, park, homes, etc.. This is ideal as summer camp for churches during their vacation break in June or July. Our goal is to train them & use what they’ve learned during the camp as evangelistic tools for their local churches.

The Church in Capdepera, Mallorca has some testimonies to share: Our hosts Pastors Enrique & Annie were so surprised at the miraculous events that took place during the MOVIDA ’04 Camp. Natascha, our ART COMPANY Coordinator in Mallorca went through hard times as things seemed impossible to push through, but she had faith that whatever may happen we need to get the project going. Consequently, church people were hesitant to open their homes to accommodate the participants from different places. For the participants, money was the problem. There were two churches who in the end backed-out. But as soon as we arrived, the Jordan river seemed to opened up as we took the step of faith to walk through the waters of indifference & passivity. Excitement eventually moved the hearts of the church people as other participants & the church people joined in. Workshops & practices went on, discipleship time at the beach, adults started to take part in the afternoon practices for the play “JUICIO FINAL” . Church leaders met with our team along with our invited instructress Sonja & Crystal from the Covenant Church in Dallas Texas. They shared about their new approach to cell ministries called “LIFE MINISTRY” - the concept of forming cell teams based on the feltneeds & ministry interests of each participants in a group of 10 people. So now they would like to start with the “life ministry for the artists” as a model for the other potential life ministry cells. As a result, all the participants were hosted by the church members, the needed props were bought through love offerings, our musical production was presented, the “Juicio Final” play was a success. But the most important part of it all was that, the dying church was revived & started to fire-up with the vision to evangelize the surrounding towns & other cities in Mallorca. Both the young & adults came forward to the altar , determined to serve in unity with the church leadership team, as Rey gave the challenge at the closing service with the play “THE POTTER’S HANDS”.

FOR DANI THIS WAS A SUMMER OF BLESSINGS. For a missionary kid, the ministry is just a part of their normal life’s routine, at times treated as mere tradition. But we were so blessed as parents to see his active participation at the MOVIDA ’04 . He had so much fun joining all the workshops, practices & various activities. He did the Jesus part in the “TIME” PLAY, danced the Hiphop & African dance at the musical production, got involved in the ”Juicio Final” play, distributed invitations at the park, beaches & church vicinities. Sharing Jesus & invited to the church his new found friends. This was indeed an answer to our prayers that Dani would learn to love what we are doing for the Lord. Please remember him in your prayers as this year we decided to move him to the public school from his former missionary school. This will be another year of adjustment for him.

Ferando   A Baptist Church in Palma, Mallorca is on fire for the Lord. In preparation for their 3 months campaign Antonio, the pastor with his four grandchildren joined the MOVIDA ‘04. By faith he came not knowing what role he will play. But the Lord used him as special instrument to all of us. He did devotional teaching, counseling, did the altar call during the Juicio Final Play, our tour guide at the Castle, & now he is lining up all our activities in Palma de Mallorca. He presented Rey to his Church Counsel to finalized all the plans for the next three months evangelism. With the help of the new formed ART COMPANY TEAM they will do weekends coffee bar ministry . People will be invited for coffee while the team performs with dance, music, mime, & testimonies in between. Then for the month of October, they will feature the “JUICIO FINAL” Play. The heart of Pastor Antonio got revived , claiming for the fire of the Holy Spirit to keep on burning in the hearts of his church people to reach out to their community. Please pray for souls to be saved & get discipled in this church.

ART COMPANY line-up of evangelistic performance / activities 2004: In Madrid: Sept. 12 - In Valdemoro , at the Salvation Army Church In Palma de Mallorca :Sept. 12 & October, at the Baptist Church In Malaga: November , at the Assemblies of God Church

Our Prayer Vision for the year 2005! ART COMPANY ACADEMY SET UP under the Church of Monederos (& possibly with the extensions in Mallorca & Malaga). There will be a regular weekend flow of activities for the students to enroll. International Instructors will be invited depending on their availabilities (for a month to a year of commitment in Spain). Please give us some referrals / references, for those whom you know who could help us on this project (instructors/directors/experienced dancers,actors, etc in the area of performing arts). A BROADWAY SHOW: Joseph & his amazing Technicolor dream coat, to be directed by Richard Montez of the Cornerstone Arts USA to be held in June & July 2005 in Madrid. Spanish Leaders Mission Exposure in March—ART CO. leadership will be attending a missionary festival at the Covenant Church in Dallas, Texas. PLEASE PRAY WITH US FOR THESE ITEMS. LORD WILLING, WE TRUST FOR HIS APPROVAL & PROVISION FOR THIS VISION 2005.


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