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5000 Peruvians heard the Gospel.

500 of them accepted the Lord.

Carabayllo, Peru youths participated.


Seven churches participated.

Huge stage set-up.

“Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable His judgments,  and His paths beyond tracing out !”  Rom. 11: 33

Carabayllo, Lima Peru massive evangelism led 500 souls to the Lord!!!

About 5000 Peruvians heard the Gospel message through the Grand Festival we set up last Feb. 5-6, 2009 in Carabayllo, Peru .   Seven evangelical churches collaborated as their people got involved to be part of the festival as performers, counsellors, ushers and follow-up workers.  Angel Sanchez, (YWAM Missionary in Lima) initiated the effort of uniting the pastors in Lima with the vision to make an impact in the city.  Knowing ART Company Spain , he invited Rey to set up an evangelistic music festival.  We prayed for God´s confirmation, particularly for the financial aspect of the project.  In a miraculous way the Lord provided Rey´s airfare, the US$6000 budget fund allotted for the sounds, lightings, stage set-up, costumes and publicities.   We are so grateful for the participation of our network teams - to Sonja, our dance choreographer;  Richard, our theatre director with his costumes crew, and the faithful Pastors who were with us throughout the process of preparations, practices & stage constructions. Also to all the participants and to Angel & Gladys for their warm hospitality.  Once again we have proven that in unity there is power and anointing.  Praise God for the souls who were saved and the churches who are now doing the follow-up for each one of them.

FIRE VISION , what is it all about?

Please pray for this new project – Faithful Igniters Reaching Europe VISION.  The motto: “Every Faithful Christian a Missionary, Every Nation our Mission field”.  As you know, Rey has been supervising and networking with Filipino Churches here in Spain .   During our summer campaigns- the MOVIDA FESTIVALS, Filipino churches along with the Spanish and Latino churches have the privilege to work together.  Being aware of the untapped potential manpower in God´s work, particularly the Filipinos all over Europe (professionals: nurses, engineers, teachers, etc.) we would like to prepare them and encourage them to play their part in reevangelizing Europe.  Therefore the FIRE VISION is designed to: 1) Establish a platform for them to reach Europe for Christ providing networking, empowerment and spiritual covering. 2) Disciple and launch them to their individual calling by offering Leadership Development Course as an initial preparation. 3) Do massive evangelism using creative tools. 4) Put missions as priority by exposure & involvement in various missions project in order to fulfil the Great Commission. 

     Lord willing, two different groups (about 20 participants) will be trained for the next three months (March-May) here in Madrid.  It will be held in two locations, in Las Rozas (Sun: 10-12 am) and Noviciado (Sun: 3:00-5:00 pm). 

More exciting ministries and prayer items …

Praise God for our Mobile Team as they regularly receive invitations from churches to feature them in their evangelistic activities serving within and outside Madrid.  ´Niños del Rey´ Club evangelistic party on March 29. During the Holy week, (April 8-12) we are doing an outreach in San Pedro, Costa del Sol which is also the best time to line up our MOVIDA FESTIVAL in Marbella for this summer.  We are also praying and preparing for outreaches in Scotland and Norway .  


According to the communications we´ve been receiving from Dani, our son, he is so grateful to God and to all of you who invested for him to be able to attend the Bible training.  Praise God for the transition that he is going through.  As Samuel responded to the voice of God we encourage him to be sensitive to His voice and listen to Him for the next step to take.

Vivs after a month of being in a solitary condition (while Rey in Peru & Dan in New Jersey), engaged in wrestling & spiritual battle through prayers & intercession, is now back with Rey to face more challenges ahead with the determination and willingness to keep on.  As a family, there is joy and gratitude in our hearts to tell how you all mean so much to us.  You are a blessing and a source of inspiration and the reason why we could run the race with great expectations, that our great God could do much more than what we ever think and hope for. Together we will fulfill His great dreams & purposes in and through all of us! Amen!!!

Sincerely in Christ,  Rey, Vivs and Daniel Ritchie