God´s divine intervention exceeded our strategies and schemes. We´ve tried all means to get youths involved – Dani participated in a dance contest involving non-believers. He witnessed, counsel, brought them to church, blended a Christian motif & movements in their choreography. As a result they won the 2nd price. But then came the soul searching moment of decision, these youths chose to continue in their old ways & worldly friends. Then, we tried to integrate some Catholic Charismatic youths, but for them, religious traditions weigh much more than just a personal relationship with Jesus.

Although during our Monday cell group we sought the Lord in our prayers, yet our carnal minds diverted our focus to what seemed logical. Consequently, our strategies did not work. But of course God´s ways are higher than our ways! Eventually, youths contacted us with incredible testimonies of how they´ve been desiring to join ART COMPANY but felt insufficiently prepared to be a qualified member of the group. We affirmed them that they were all answer to our prayers. Hallelujah, what we have now are youths with so much passion for God and enormous love for the lost! God is so good, He never ever fails!!!



Las Rozas, Madrid

A pastor approached Rey for help as he was contemplating to effectively reach out to their community. The municipal hall gave him the permission to use the football stadium but his real motive was to win them to the Lord. He thought of finding a known speaker to hold a seminar dealing with drug problems…

Why don´t you set up a stage and invite the entire community to a wholesome family concert and call it - UNFORGETABLE EVENING FESTIVAL?” Let´s have Latin singers with Christian message and upbeat rhythm such as Regeton, Bachata, mixed it with HIPHOP & Contemporary interpretative dances with a solid gospel message delivered by a person in costume also known as Theatre play, Rey replied. The Pastor was overjoyed and confirmed right away the invitation for ART COMPANY to hold the festival for two consecutive “unforgettable evenings”, Hallelujah!



As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” – Isa. 55:9

There are so many opportunities

to serve the Lord, our desire and prayer most of time is that He would multiply our time, strength and energy to be able to do more for His kingdom and for others.  Thank you for your faithful partnership with us in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With much love,

Rey, Vivs & Daniel

034 916750557 / www.artcompanyspain.org/ rey.laudencia@gmail.com / Mobile: 691774904




LDC Graduation

The first Church anniversary of the group we are overseeing will be celebrated this month (13 June), and as we look back all we can see is God´s faithfulness and goodness. It is a great responsibility to take care of His flocks but the joy of seeing people know the Lord, grow in their faith and follow Him is the greatest reward and satisfaction that no material things could ever buy.

F.I.R.E. Vision Leadership Development Course second batch will be holding their graduation as well. Another five new leaders were raised as a result.


In Oviedo, Mallorca & Menorca

Our commitment to Spanish people and Spanish churches every summer through evangelistic campaigns is already confirmed. Rey with Dani and the rest of young people from different churches will be heading the 3 campaigns in Oviedo, Mallorca, and Menorca for the months of July and August while Vivien stays in Madrid to work and oversee the church ministry. 

Please pray for harvest of souls as youths are exposed to missions , they are being discipled into leadership and are launched to God´s designated destiny of fulfilling the great commission entrusted to us all , Amen!




There are 10 new candidates for baptism who are being prepared for such a wonderful opportunity like this to publicly confess their full pledge commitment to Jesus. Please pray for these new converts to be strong in their faith and truly be instruments for God´s glory!

The building we´ve renovated and improved so much is now very small for the passionate soul winners that the Lord has been raising up in the group. Please pray with us as we claim for God to provide us the ideal worship centre we dream to obtain at the very heart of the city of Madrid as soon as possible. I believe that the prayers of the righteous done in one spirit will allow us to see God´s miraculous intervention in this particular great need we have, Amen!

In Palma de Mallorca, our group is claiming in prayer to rent a 120 square meter building where they aim to transfer this month (from the flat where they presently have been holding their services). The permit to convert buildings into a church gave them a hard time at the beginning but praise God for the owner of this one who willingly offered his place to be used as a church building, Glory to God!

Brother Ricardo from the Marbella church just communicated to Rey that they are cancelling the invitation for a festival in their place due to the economic crisis the church has been facing. Lord willing, Rey could now say yes to the Church in Oviedo, Asturias where for the very first time would like to hold a festival in their city but was too much for the group to accept due to previous commitments. When the Lord closes a door He has a plan to open another one for His glory, Amen!

OMEGA ZONES are territories where the Lord has appointed us to reach with the Gospel through the light of our personal testimonies! The end times commissioning for the Saints to take advantage of the last opportunities to sow and reap for the extension of God´s kingdom. Let us be excited about the soon face to face encounter with our loving Saviour, the King of kings who promised to return to be with those who are waiting and longing to be with Him for eternity!