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No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me," declares the LORD.” Isa.54:17

Dani´s C.T. (Chill-in Truths) Youth Ministry

From a casual hangout encounter, Dani met three friends from Portugal and Spain. Then eventually got into a soul searching conversation which led them to come and join the Friday Chill-in Truths event in our Church in Madrid. The C.T. YOUTH MINISTRY was initiated by Dani coming back from his 6 months Bible training at FITS (Faith Int´l. Training School). During the C.T.Y.M., Dani teaches new HIPHOP steps for an hour then during the break they have a round table sharing time discussing about the Bible and the practical questions around it. The last time, they lasted for at least an hour & a half discussing about the Catholic practices that youths notice which are against the Law of God. They promised to return with two new friends each for the next Friday meeting. The Lord is so good, we are now reaching the youths through Dani´s passion for the losts using his talent.

MOVIDA Festival 2009 :

Jul. 20- Aug. 3 in Puerto Banus

M.O.V.I.D.A. (Missions and Opportunities in Summer Get Involve through your Giftings in Arts). This word literally means – “HAPPENINGS or PARTY” in Spanish. It is our 5th year this time and will be hosted by the INTERNATIONAL FELLOWSHIP in Puerto Banus with the participation of two Spanish and three Filipino Churches in Costa del Sol (San Pedro & Marbella). Sonja Samuel with her Int´l. Dancers 4 Life team will direct the musical productions & Rey will do the Theatre and Mime productions. Please pray for harvest of souls in this tourist place. It is expected to be jam packed during summer and they hang out from 10:00 pm til 5:00 am. According to Ptr. Kurt, there will be no need to distribute invitations nor post advertisements, we will just set up the stage and we´ll get our full packed crowd instantly. Churches are excited to do follow-up for their new contacts, so please let us pray for a favourable time of sowing and reaping seeds of faith through this MOVIDA FESTIVAL.


With the furious attack of the enemy to stop the FIRE VISION Graduation, among the 30 students only 25 were able to finish. All the testimony given by each student as part of their graduation speech confirmed a positive transformation in each one. Before, they were struggling to live as losers without purpose nor vision, now their perspectives were turned into winners - a victorious children of God living for noble purposes to extend the Kingdom of God on earth. Our prayer is that they would continue to run the race with the determination to finish it , Amen!


God´s promise in Isaiah 54 became so real to us these days. “No weapons forged against you will prevail…” In the midst of attacks the Lord provided angels along the way. Praise God for friends like Ptr, Fernando, Ptr, Timoteo, Ptrs. John & Shiela, Tom & Laverna, and all of you praying for us. Frontline ministry will never be easy without your love and prayers. There were times that we were about to give up because of the confusing lies of the enemy trying to discourage us but we know that you are there, the Lord is there to sustain each one of us to carry the yoke of Jesus, carry our cross daily, run the race with the confidence, “that He who began a good work in us will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” - Phil.1:6


Frame1(F.I.T.S. – Faith International Training School). Truly, God has changed my way of thinking and my way of living through this program. I am now conscious of the amazing authority that I have in Jesus Name and that through believing and speaking in faith we are capable to move mountains, casting them into the sea in Jesus Name.

Beloved providers, May God bless you one hundred fold and may you keep being a blessing to others through the example that you are in Jesus. You are all blessed and highly favoured. We love you.

THANK YOU from the three of US

Thank you so much once again for your prayers and support. The Lord has never failed, He can always be trusted and worthy of all our services. We praise Him for each one of you. The storms of life have been getting furious, and yet we were reminded that Jesus faced it with peace and confidence knowing that the Heavenly Father was in control. This is the true assurance we have as we face new challenges in the ministry. The truth is that the longer we serve Him the sweeter He goes to all of us. We love you dearly and may the limitless blessings and love of our God shower you always.

Sincerely in Christ,

Rey, Vivs & Daniel

Ptrs. John & Shiela, Vivs & Rey

with the F.I.R.E. Vision Graduates

Dani´s first preaching in Spain


Vivs presenting the Graduates

Dani´s FITS 2009 Year Batch

Dan´s Graduation