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    “The two of them, sent on their way by the Holy Spirit, went down … they proclaimed the word of God in the Jewish synagogues,” – Acts 13:4,5

    LEADING TEAMS  Gaby from Ecuador is leading the mobile team.  She meets with the group every Friday and Saturday for practices.  She ignites the passion of the group by spending time together in  prayer and studying the word of God.  Debby from Brazil coordinates the kids club called ´ Niños del Rey´.  We did our first evangelistic party last  month (Nov.23), after three Sundays of preparation. Claudia, from Ecuador coordinates our Saturday evangelism at the KM.0 in Puerta del Sol in collaboration with different churches.  For an hour we preach the gospel through mime, special songs, testimonies, and with object lessons proclaiming the Word of God!  Then, we invite those who responded for coffee at the KM.0 centre,  and according to their availability we invite them for Sunday service.  Praise God for souls ushered to the feet of Jesus as we persevere in our commitment to be light in the very heart of this city of Madrid.  Ana Maria from Columbia and Susa from Brazil, lead our contemporary dance team. Mirriam from Germany is presently forming the flag & banners dance team.

           Rey & Vivien began the  `Be2Be´  leaders discipleship training (BE WHAT GOD WANTS YOU TO BE), among the counsellors and mentors who would help them multiply the vision.  The concept is to prepare every child of God into their stewardship role learning personal leadership and character building as individual disciples of Jesus and then launch them into their calling by exposing them to ministry opportunities.  We equip them through a practical “hands on” training method with counsellors and mentors assisting and backing them up.  This motivates them to  fulfil God´s destiny for their lives to be able to fulfil the great commission and claim their inheritance (the nations) as instruments in the powerful hands of God,  for His honour and glory!

    AND MORE12 students attending the English class that Rey handles every Tuesdays and Wednesdays are learning English and the words of God. To begin with he started with the story of the “Good Samaritan” for discussion and conversational exercises.    70 kids composed the “Niños del Rey” Club, praise God for the excited parents expressing their gratitude for the different attitude of their children towards church since they started joining the club.  Three Filipino church groups are now preparing the theatre play “FINAL JUDGMENT” to evangelize the Filipinos in Madrid and other parts of Spain.  The Church national convention done in Valencia served as a haven of rest and a mountain top experience for everyone who attended and returned back to their designated `valley´  with renewed spiritual strength.  And for ART company, served as open doors for more networking opportunities. The Christmas dinner (Dec.6) for PERU MISSION is God´s confirmation for ART Company to be launched in Lima, Peru (on 15 January – 15 February 2009 Rey will visit Lima) through the coordination of Angel Sanchez from Spain who is now preparing all the logistics.  The missions trip to Menorca, Spain (Dec.25-31) to be led by Veronica from the Philippines (w/ six participants)  is part of the vision to expose church leaders into missions. 


    Dear Love Ones,

                   We thank you so much for your love and generosity.  We know that this year was filled with financial challenges for all of you and yet your passion and desire to serve the Lord together with us in partnership kept you focus on your commitment to help us, despite of all the sacrifices you made to be able to share with us the blessings you´ve been receiving from the Lord.  We as a family is determined to keep on to fulfil what God has for us here in the mission field.  You have been with us throughout these years and we believe that as the Lord continue to bless each one of you, together holding on to the vision,  we could accomplish the mission.  Our God never change!  He will provide and will finish what He began in each of our lives.   Let us be faithful to the end and trust that God´s divine intervention will happen in a miraculous way!  Your are always in our prayers and we know that His abundant provision will overflow to you because you are faithful and that you are doing His perfect will to be able to extend His kingdom to the end of this world.

    With love and prayers,

    Rey, Vivien and Daniel



    SWIFT:     CAIXES BBXXX    IBAN:        ES52   2100-1913-19-0100095330  Bank:   “La Caixa”   : Torrejon de Ardoz – C.Londres, Calle Londres, S-N  28850 Torrejon de Ardoz Madrid, Spain  >Bank Holders:  Reynaldo & Vivien Laudencia