"Isnít it exciting to think that we will reign together with Christ one of these days?"



 ARTC NETWORKS: Violin Player / Contemporary Dancers /      Flamenco Dancers /              Christian Singers  /              Cultural Group

       ART COMPANY participated on a fund raising project done in Torrejon de Ardoz Cultural Centre for the poor kids in Africa.  It was a blessed time to see Christian Artists along with secular performers volunteer for a worthy cause.  An evangelistic mime was performed and was well applauded.  After the event, a Guardia Civil Charismatic national coordinator approached us for an invitation to minister among the various centres he is handling within Spain.

      Please pray for ARTC team as we respond to opportunities like this.  May the Lordís wisdom and protection be upon us.   It is still a controversial issue among the evangelical leaders here in Spain to associate with the Catholic groups but we are here to evangelize Spain and we are willing to obey as the Lord leads us.  Praise God for the availability of like minded volunteers collaborating with us.


              Dani & Vivien   / with some ARTC Members / Theatre Workshop at CCFC / Reyís host in Manila - Ef & family / Zambales Pastors

ARTC THEATRE WORKSHOPS :    Youths have a vital part in the ministry. The CCFC Philippine youths were hesitant to perform because no one would direct them.  Rey was approached for help, so he gave a two hour crash course theatre workshop. As a result, the play was performed during the Easter service with a tremendous impact and now the group is receiving various invitations for repeat performances.   While Rey was in Hongkong two groups held 2 days separate workshops and another group did one in Singapore.  It was exciting to travel all over the place and leave something useful to inspire youths to be involved in the ministry.

       Praise God for the many open doors to evangelize using theatre arts. Rey is receiving a lot of invitation to conduct trainings and prepare churches for evangelistic theatre plays.Please pray for Godís strength & wisdom for him to cope up with all of these opportunities.

Along  with this request is the  need for specialized workers to help him in this ministry.  May the Lord provide as soon as possible.


Traditional religious penitence /Family Visit in Mindoro /Filipino missionaries overseas/Workshop in Hongkong/ Rey w/ Foursquare leaders

Philippines-Hongkong-Singapore-Madrid trip:  The month of April Ď07 for Rey passed by so fast. Every week he was in different country, staying in different homes, eating different food, encountering different events to meet with different friends, churches and groups.  Praise God for what He is doing in all of these places.  He proves Himself Sovereign despite of the various challenges Christians have been constantly facing.  One thing is sure though, that all these circumstances particularly the trials & difficulties are part of our spiritual warfare & are just preliminary trainings for all of us, His faithful stewards.  There is more to it, after this present battle a Millennium is yet to come.  Isnít it exciting to think that we will reign together with Christ one of these days?  Let us then be faithful in small things Ö to begin with.  Regarding Vivienís sister, she is now in the presence of the Lord. We thank God for His consolation & peace for her family.

       I am so thankful for Godís family.   I didnít feel the difference no matter what nationality or race we may belong, as long as we are part of Godís family we are one and the truth is that we belong to one body and Christ Ė the Head is our common denominator, Amen!


Friends & Supporters in SNG. / Alfredís family/ Kenís family / Bok Engís family / Vi Mingís family/ Rey preaching  / Dagupan í07 Convention

To our friends, family, church and supporters,  WORDS ARE NOT SUFFICIENT TO EXPRESS MY DEEPEST GRATITUDE TO ALL OF YOU Ö Thank you so much for all your hospitality, patience & generosity during my recent visit. Beyond anything, I felt your sincere love and concern for us as a family.  You have adopted us, youíve  made us part of you.  And because of such expression of acceptance youíve shown us: ( Rey, Vivs & Dani ) we are now much more eager to keep on serving the Lord,  along with you here in the mission field.

Our prayer for all of you is that our great & awesome God will keep His covenant of love to give you success & favour in all you do, Amen.


Cell Groups Barbecue in SNG/ Missions delegates/ w/ Elizabeth & Julio/ Viv Sister Funeral/ 15 kids accepted the Lord/ Rey w/ HKG hosts