Anniversary &

Vivs B-day celebration made this month so special for us as a family. God is great and is worthy of all our praises …

The joy of the Lord keeps us contantly inspired to do what was necessary for God’s kingdom to be extended in this territory where He designated us to conquer, so His banner of Victory be established! The best gifts we ever had were the souls ushered to the feet of Jesus

throughout these years, the faithful converts discipled & the churches mobilized to reach out to the losts all over this nation. GOD’S WILL has been & will be done, Amen!!! THANK YOU SO

MUCH for all your prayers, support & love extended to us always. - Rey, Vivs & Daniel

The city of Madrid & Algeciras were ministered to by ART Company. With the difficult situation the people here in Spain are going through, hearts are becoming much more

receptive to the Gospel. More than just performances, our motive is to express God’s unending love & care. Through the sincere burden of

Youths & volunteers ministering with us, this message was made evident that reached their hearts in the anointing & conviction of the Holy

Spirit. As a result, souls were added to the churches & churches became much more passionate to continue reaching out their communities with the Gospel. Please pray for Dani as he spearheads our new project called “CAFÉ Y ALGO MAS” working with dynamic youths from different churches, wanting to make a difference in the city by hanging out & offering alternative for these aimless Spanish youths. Our desire is that the new wave of the Holy Spirit would influence the entertainment sphere of this society through these artistic youths moving in His inspiration. Together, our prayers would surely make this happen for God’s Glory! Amen.


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