To you our dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us – yes, establish the work of our hands.” – Ps.90:17


I’ve lost all of my old friends. They have been inviting me to join them to go to Disco but I don’t have anymore interests on those things.” (Dianne) “The pull has been so strong; my friends are now mocking me when I go in my formal attire to the church. I just told them that I do it for God.” (Liza) “I hate the enemy, he’s just so radical & insistent to put a stop on what God is doing in the lives of these youths, but I am going to prove that God is more than powerful and that he is already defeated!” (Dani) These and a lot more testimonies are realities of walking with the Lord on a narrow & tough road. Praise God that we could face these challenges with a united faith in Him!!! From the 70 youths we evangelized and ministered to, we are now training 7 into discipleship and leadership responsibilities. Let us continue to pray for those who received the seed of faith in their hearts to keep on despite of all the attempts of the enemy to draw them back to his fold.


About 40 people were there to celebrate our 4th month of God´s faithfulness as a Church Family. With our three ministry groups: Spanish, Youth & Filipino the international vision of the Church is being established. Part of the preparation was the renovation of the 50 m2 building we are using. We put wooden floor, painted the walls and installed a more secured door. The owner of the building gave us favor by granting our request of two months rental fee to be used to improve the place. We could see that as we give our best to the Lord, He honors our desire and provide all the needs. Please pray for Jorge (our Spanish group deacon member). He is the one doing all these practical labor and along with the youths Rey assists him. . Vivs gift of hospitality of preparing food and making sure that everybody was well taken cared of favored us with the warm love of God in all of these laborious sacrifices.


One reason we are here is to reach the Spanish for Christ. Martha, (she’s a half blood Spanish & Chile) came to join the fellowship through the friendship she experienced. Now she is actively participating in our Spanish cell group every Thursday and occasionally attending the Saturday service. Another Spanish member is Antonio, now growing in God’s word as he regularly shares during our bible studies. With extra-curricular activities like teaching English from 4-6 pm, Monday through Thursday in three High Schools in Torrejon de Ardoz, enable Rey to reach out to the Spanish teens in the community as well.


ART Company reaches out at the very heart of the city twice a month exposing our people into urban evangelism. Praise God for the open door and total freedom we have here to spread the Gospel using ordinary people willing to use their talents for God. The KM.0 , a center where Madrid churches join effort to do a seven day none stop evangelism rain or shine at Puerta del Sol – is appreciative of our regular collaboration.


Attacks from the enemy keep us humble and totally dependent on God. Sickness, relationships, financial difficulties, lies after lies are what we as a group are experiencing. As we advanced into obeying God’s word, key people received difficult challenges. Prayer and fasting keep us firm in claiming all of God’s promises. Psalm 126:5 “Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.” We claim God’s victory and together we can attain it through prayers. That the author & finisher of our faith may sustain us both spiritually, physically, emotionally & materially in pursuing His purpose of expanding His Kingdom here in Spain.

THANK YOU for all your prayers and support!

We trust that the Lord would grant our prayers & desire for all of you in 1 Chronicles 4:10: "Oh that You would bless them and enlarge their territory! Let Your hand be with them, and keep them from harm so that they will be free from pain." And God granted Jabez request, as for each one of you too.”


Rey, Vivs & Daniel

Church Renovation.

Dance Ministry

Streets Evangelism

Rey helping to change the church flooring.

Home Cell Group Fellowship

4th month anniversary celebration.

Dani discipling the youths.

Time-out for bowling.

Our Spanish Contacts.