Being away from home with a lot of challenges & pressures on top of all the trials & problems constantly faced, they deserve a break. So to rescue the group from being burned out, we went out for excursion! In Segovia, where the ancient Roman aqueduct is known for, we spent a day just to relax, bonding & enjoy memorable moments as a family. This way, everybody is kept busy doing God’s work & their Godly duties, instead

of being anxious & burdened by life’s concern. Growing in faith and living it makes life much more exciting & meaningful, it’s ‘care’ free, Amen!

The Mom’s conversion called for a grand celebration! Karen & her Mom experienced genuine conversion & have been reconciled through God’s love & forgiveness. With her Mom’s blessing & as a result of reconciliation the church family celebrated Karen & Wilbert’s wedding, the first one we had at the centre. The planned simple civil wedding became a banquette of love with God’s family. It was awesome to see everybody doing their share of work with the food, decoration & the ceremony. Being a part of God’s kingdom is incomparable, it is just GLORIOUS!

Behind the scene there are PRAYER WARRIORS - our intercessors being led by Vivs are engaged in on-going prayers throughout the week.
This enables us to see God’s power in the lives of our people. Rey received an emergency call from a mother whose son was on a critical condition
who went through a painful lung operation but due to some complications the doctor needed to operate him again.
Although he was indifferent & distant from his mother, for the first time he called her up for prayer. For a long time, she was praying for his son
to be reconciled back to God & to her. Rey told her that this was the answer to her prayers, by phone he prayed for an instant divine intervention &
gave her instruction to remind her son to repent & be restored with God. By the afternoon, the mother called back crying & told Rey that her son
was healed miraculously. To God be the GLORY! Also, praise God for
12 F.I.R.E. VISION LDC graduates batch #5 last May 13, 2012. (below)

Summer campaign just began. After the freezing winter we are now back to outreaches. ART COMPANY created a big crowd at the Puerta del Sol plaza with the mime performance & some testimonies. Please pray with us as we prepare for our missions in June til August. MOVIDA FESTIVAL will be done in Mallorca & Menorca. We have four churches participating and a missionary from the US brother Justin, who has been helping us with the dramas. A new pioneering Spanish church will host us for the first time in Mallorca. Our desire is to get Spanish youths involved & be active in missions as we mobilize them.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your prayers & gifts for us & the ministry! God’s workings in your lives & ours make life more exciting & productive! Let us keep our fire burning til
He’s second coming, but meanwhile let’s be one in fulfilling His GREAT COMMISSION. AMEN.
Rey, Vivs & Dan

Lucio & Ana (left), Javier & family (center), Justin (right), these are our brothers & sisters helping us with the vision to reach Spain with the Gospel & to raise up youth ministry in Madrid & Mallorca. Lord willing, in September, Rey will be starting a group in Italy. God is opening doors & we will enter into all of them together, Amen!!!