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“The Kingdom of Heaven is like treasure hidden in a field …” and then in his joy went & sold all he had …” Matt.13:44

EVANGELISM in Pinto, Puerta del Sol,

 Torrejon & Coslada

The fire of passion &  love in the hearts of ART Company team to reach out to the lost souls is unquenchable!  Churches have been inviting the group from festival to festival to perform at the parks, streets, churches, and even in a Catholic church.  People are open and willing to accept the Lord without resistance.  Praise God for the anointed key He gave us to reach Spain with the Gospel – the anointed creative performing arts in the hands of God´s gifted & obedient young disciples of Jesus. 

ESTEPONA workshops, festivals & pandilla show

with art company.

July 18-29´08 MOVIDA FESTIVAL, the climax of our year´s calendar activities.  This year the Lord opened the door for the very first time for us to collaborate with the Assemblies of God Church in Estepona.  Ptr. Guillermo Santos, an apostolic missionary pastor offered his church to host the campaign. Sonja & Adela from Dallas, Texas USA came to help us out with the musical productions.  12 from ART Company plus the 50 active members of the PANDILLA group of the church composed the entire performing team.  Perfection was not the word adequately used to describe the festival but instead “EXCELLENCE” – unforgettable event that is, as each of the participant marked the difference in many lives as the people saw their love and passion for Jesus demonstrated through every performance.  Kids,youths & adults accepted the Lord!  They felt and saw Jesus who visited them that day & made them feel SO SPECIAL!!!

SAN PEDRO unforgettable evening festival

At the open air amphi-theatre we did the performance. A lot of Gypsy families came to watch.  The place is known for its notorious ambiance.  A needy place to be and yet that night a lot of kids, youths and adults surrendered their lives to Jesus.  “It was all well done!  We were so impressed.  When will you be back to teach our children those dances.” – a general comment given to the group.  That day the testimony of the church impacted the community, praise God!!!

MARBELLA workshop and  festival

A church in Marbella invited the group after seeing the performance in Estepona to do a workshop with their youths.  The youth pastor gave the assurance that next year, his group will be one of those who would be hosting the MOVIDA Festival.  It was their first time to hear about the group but the team conquered their hearts according to the leader.  Praise God for another open door!  By the way, we left the youths so inspired to start their own performing team, Amen!

Three Filipino churches gathered to watch the group that Sunday.  Hesitant about the idea the group was not able to prepare a big place for the event but seeing the positive impact they gave us the assurance that next year it will be much more prepared and they would look forward to be able to actively participate.  It is obviously difficult at the beginning to convince our contacts but once they experienced it, they do ask for another opportunity.  Glory to God!

PERSONAL ENCOUNTERS during the summer MOVIDA campaign in COSTA DEL SOL

Pastor:  “The theatre play made such an impact that people didn´t want to be like JOSE (drug addict sentenced to go to hell) but ROSENDO (a young person who ended up to heaven).” – Rey used this play to give the evangelistic messages during the festival.

Leader:  “The costumes were all so impressive, changing from one number to another.” – Praise God for Sonja´s initiative to come prepared with all the costumes & props needed for the musical productions.  It was all done so professional, Hallelujah !!!


Your part is the most important one to consider.  All of these accomplishments and successful experiences will never ever happen without your prayers and support !!! You are a vital part of what the Lord is doing in and through us here at the front line mission.  With all love and prayers we would like to say THANK YOU, WE LOVE YOU!!!

Rey, Vivs & Daniel