Hiphop mime musicale performance.

“Felicidad” Joy of life in Jesús by ART CO.

A Church in Lisbon, Portugal.

ART Company Madrid Theatre Casts.

Youths inspiring the church thru their talents.



I lay down my life of my own accord.” Jn. 10:17,18

Rey´s trip to Lisbon … MOVIDA Festival on a new venue. Please pray for the preparation we are doing for our summer outreach in Lisbon. This is an initial project for us.  The enemy is working so hard to stop us.  The spiritual condition in Portugal is still on its pioneering stage. Churches are still holding on to their traditions and tend to limit the move of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the youths.  As the coordinators affirmed Rey, they would like to be involved but church leaders never trust them for what God could do through them.  This is the opportunity that we are seeking for, to launch the youths to their destiny in the Lord!  Raising up warriors for God is not easy but it is convenient to obey God first than to focus on the obstacles!  Rey will be there on 21-28 of May to confirm the collaboration of churches, finalize the program, set-up venues, secure permits and meet with the Christian artists (singer, dancers, musicians, actors & actresses) for a night of worship and prayer.

Mini-Festival in Sol … four churches in one.  It was such a great testimony and a refreshing experience for the Filipino international church in Sol to experience a bit of the festival we are promoting to do.  About 50 youths along with the ART Company team came to support the group.  The leaders expressed their impression, “It is incredible how you could gather youths from different churches and in one spirit serve God through their talents.  We are moved to see that God has been breaking all the barriers of denominationalism and division among the body of Christ.  We are so blessed to have your team minister to us!”   Lord willing, we are holding the ART Company Festival on the 22nd of June at the Lion´s Heart Fellowship in Puerta del Sol, Madrid.

Friendship Evangelism and music jamming…Argentinian, Filipino, Bolivian, Columbian, Spanish, Italian, Ecuatorian. The parks and underground passageway for  metro trails in Madrid are considered some of the tourists attractions here because of the musicians singing, playing instruments, artists painting and bands doing live concerts. Reaching these artists is our vision.  Every Friday we meet at the very heart of Madrid, praise God for the Filipino Church building  in Noviciado were we gather these artists to just take time to know them by sharing and having fellowship over a cup of coffee, painting together and lately, we did music jamming.  It was fun!  But, the enemy is working double time to stop us.  It was Friday & usually in the city noises are permitted till 10:00 pm, it was 8:00 pm and one of the neighbours already reported to the police what was happening.  So the policemen came to inform us that they received a report.  They were polite and just told us to consider the vicinity. Please pray for God to use these encounters to win more artists for Jesus and that all these enemies attacks would not hinder God´s divine purposes!!! Praise God for 24 souls won during our open air evangelism at the Usera Park.  Lord willing, all the contacts we had will be invited to our music & drama festival as our initial step to do the follow-up work.

Rehearsals and Set-ups … Marbella,  Three Filipino churches and a Spanish church will be officially involved during the MOVIDA festival campaign.  Please pray for the ´Palacio de Congreso´ building permit that they are trying to secure for the theatre play.  Anthology of Latin Music and Dances is one of our featured numbers with live band, singers & dancers.  Lord willing through the testimonies of these Christian Artists we would like to win Costa del Sol for Christ!

Cell group and more fun together … Torrejon, Cuenca, Moratalaz, Vallecas the unity of the group depends on how we maintain our fellowship as brothers & sisters in the Lord and enjoy each other as God´s family!  Once a month we celebrate birthdays in our place where we worship, pray, sing and play together.  The Lord is so good bringing to us the chosen ones to be part of the team.

Trials & Victory  …  The furious frontline battles could only be won in PRAYERS!  Over & over again we have been experiencing victory from all the obstacles, attacks, demonic interventions, problems & trials in the ministry. As YWAM community we prayed and send off teams to Portugal, Marrueco, India & Barcelona for more evangelistic outreaches.


    Vivs discipling a group.       Mini-festival in Puerta del Sol.     Music jamming session.