june-july ‘05 NEWS UPDATE FROM the laudencias

ART Company, YWAM Spain Apdo 133, Torrejon de Ardoz 28850 Madrid, Spain : www.geocities.com/artcompanyspain , reyvivien@hotmail.com

“ He who pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honour.”  - Prov.21:21


Your prayers & support keep us going.  With God’s intervention & your partnership in the ministry we experience victory.   And our commitment to see people drawn to Jesus & obey His call is being fulfilled. Thank you so much for the privilege to serve the Lord together!!!  In His Service, Rey, Vivien & Daniel




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       Evangelistic tours :  Last May 2005, ARTC Ejercito de Salvation Team had been to 3 different locations –  Valdemoro (May14), Galicia (May 21-22), & Cataluna (May 28-29).  The Madrid team performed in Monederos.  The New Life Christian Fellowship had  special evangelistic events where Rey preached the Gospel such as House Blessing,  Computer Store Blessing, Wedding Ceremony & 5th Church Anniversary celebration.  The Lord has been opening doors and we took them as opportunities to act on His promises - We possess our enemies territory as we proclaim the good news in season and out of season and in all possible ways through His power & anointing!

       Please remember to pray for the ‘FESTIMADRID” – Luis Palau Evangelistic Campaign in Madrid  this June 24-25, at the Plaza de Toro.  Evangelical churches are being united in prayers & in all efforts to make this event a success. 



       Four evangelical churches were closed in Mallorca.  Two of which are our contacts for this summer MOVIDA campaign.  The Salvation Army Church and the Capdepera Church, where church services are presently held in one of the homes of a church member.  The Pastors Ceasar & Elizet as well as Natascha, one of our coordinators declared in faith that we will never retreat, the MOVIDA campaign will push through despite of this situation.  Please continue praying with us, let’s claim God’s victory on this!  One of our invitations to perform in Alcala was cancelled because the local authorities didn’t give the church the permission to use the cultural center.  On top of this obvious control we are experiencing here in Spain, the government legalized the homosexual marriages. This only reminds us one thing, the Lord’s coming will not delay anymore, signs are taking place as they have been prophesied.  But, the battle is of the Lord, we just need to keep trusting & obeying Him no matter what.   Let us all be faithful until the end,  Amen!!! 



       Projects are being materialized because the Lord is faithful in providing committed people to help us in the ministry.  Julio & Elizabeth from Switzerland are now helping us in the area of prayer intercession as well as in promotions through graphic arts design – our posters brochures are now much more presentable.  Our core leaders for our theatre department are:  Julian – our scriptwriter; Jorge & Susie - our assistant artistic directors, Isabel-stage set director. Catalina & Bertha- our costume designer/in charged  Our musicalle department is consist of Ana- Ballet/Flamenco trainer, Dani- Hiphop, Rap singer, Choreography/mime: Sofia, Jose, Nacho.etc. and all the art company members in Madrid, Aranjuez, Mallorca & Malaga doing each of their part faithfully for God’s honor & glory.   Please continue praying for these volunteers in the ministry, giving sacrificially their time and talent to spread the Gospel. 



       “ La MOVIDA”  campaign is fast approaching July 25 – August 15, from three different locations: MALLORCA, EDINBURGH & HOLLAND, ART COMPANY members will be participating as part of various activities for missions exposures and leadership trainings.  Please pray for all the preparations, financial responsibilities & logistics of this event.  May we usher lost souls to God’s kingdom through this campaign.  July 9th Lord willing , is our  initial performance of the play “JOB 2005”.  Please pray for the success of our first venture into our very own theatre productions.  The Lord is being exalted in the lives of these artists for Christ.  We declare God’s might & anointing to flow through each one of us for His honor and glory, Amen!