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WEEK 1 >  God’s provision of a new Church building ideal for the campaign,

meeting with Pastors from 12 different Churches, publicities &  arrival of delegates.

   The Manacor Evangelical Church committed to  host  2006 summer MOVIDA campaign.  By faith Pastor Guillermo with his wife Sis. Carmen claimed in prayer a bigger building w/ second floor, three bathrooms, &  a  kitchen,  in order to facilitate the envisioned campaign. 

   Three months before the event, the Lord opened the door of opportunity for them to be able to rent out an ideal building.   Although there was a lot of work that needed to be done, they moved in as a step of faith.  By then, a group of Pastors were regularly meeting together in prayer &   fellowship.  And as  Ptr Guillermo shared the need, church leaders immediately responded by sending volunteers to help with the project of renovating the newly rented church building. In a month time, three bathrooms, a kitchen &  3 bed rooms were installed.  God performed a miracle through His committed people.  Everything was ready just  right on time when Rey  came to Mallorca to commence the activities in collaboration with three other churches: the Salvation Army  in Palma, Baptist Church in  Lloret &  Cristo Centro Manacor.  He was presented to the Pastors’ fellowship to announce the MOVIDA  Festival.  As a result, 10 new Pastors committed to participate for the  year 2007 event. 


     Thank God for Bro. Diego from Castellon, a graphic designer who designed the MOVIDA festival poster for this year’s campaign.  It was published in Manacor´s weekly community magazines, the pastors sponsored its publication in poster size & flyers.   As a result 5 dance professors from the community participated &  three professional hiphop dancers joined the festival.  These three were among those who accepted the Lord &  committed to be part of the ART Company Mallorca. 


     Glory to God for Neni  Navarette, the director of Tropical Rhythm Houston, Texas (w/ Susan,  Toni &  Charie), who trained the participants for the featured musical production.   She even generously donated to ART Company all the costumes &  props she brought from the USA .  The Lord is indeed faithful.  There were about  50 participants from 8 different  churches. 


WEEK 2 >   at the MOVIDA Festival in Palma de Mallorca &  at the Lloret Town.


    By faith,  the Salvation Army leaders Ceasar &  Elizet  submitted the letter of  request to the City Hall for the campaign three months before as they were not allowed earlier than that.  Finally through their persistent prayer &  follow-up, they got the approval the  day before the actual performance.  But then an hour before the group left from Manacor heading to Palma , Ceasar  informed Ptr Guillermo, (our line-up coordinator) that they will cancel the event because the city hall did not  provide electric power for the equipments to be set-up.  W/o informing Rey about the bad news, Ptr. Guillermo negotiated to rent a generator just to be able to pursue w/ the performance.  Being aware of the spiritual attacks, we were in constant prayer as a group. Praise God for you - our prayer partners who prayed for us as well.  God’s  power was manifested, eventually  there was no need to rent the generator because the police authority provided the electricity.  That day the Gospel was preached  and the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ was exalted in the heart  of the city of Palma de Mallorca.   Then the following day the festival moved on to the small town of LLoret, there were about  a hundred people at the  camp sight  where we performed.



&   the MOVIDA Festival in Manacor.

   Having heard of the local television program,  Rey inquired for the possibility of performing at the TV Studio.  The Lord gave him the right connections &  during the week of the festival ART Company was featured w/ mime, dances &  interviews. The TV Host was against what the Catholics were doing & gave positive remarks to what the Evangelical Churches were doing.  According to him,  Gypsy Church was his concept of Evangelical group w/ all its negative connotation.  But then after seeing what we did in the community &  w/ his personal encounter w/ us, his ideas totally changed.  Our TV performance was shown several times during the course of the week.  Some of the people who watched the festival at the park &  the theatre play in the Church came because they saw us in the television.  Praise God for such an opportunity.  Now the Evangelical Churches in Manacor are known as a Christian Church &  not as a cult.





WEEK4 >      DANI’S BAPTISM at the  Mediteranean Sea

     After three weeks of exhaustive campaign the Lord provided us a week of rest.  Praise God for Alejandra ,  Felix &  Fernando from the Capdepera Church who opened their homes to accommodate us.  Vivien came from Madrid to join us.  That Sunday, along with 12 baptism candidates, Daniel’s desire to be baptized in the island of Mallorca was fulfilled. Rey baptized Dani.  It was a touching moment, we sang hymns of adoration, testified of God’s faithfulness while hundreds of people were lying at the white sand beach &  some swimming watching what we were doing.  For all of us who were there, it was such a glorious day &  of course an unforgettable day for our only beloved son, Dani.

THREE WEEKS  of  MINI-Discipleship School in Denia

    15 Students and  1 Staff  from Holland attended the three week discipleship school.  Rey , through the invitation of Peter & Emily- the school leaders,  was given the privilege to teach on 8 subjects :  “WHO AM I”, “THE FATHER HEART OF GOD”, “HEARING THE VOICE OF GOD”, “ANCIENT PATH”, “THE HOLY SPIRIT”, “INNER HEALING”, “SPIRITUAL WARFARE”, & “INTERCESSION”.   These topics completed the entire two weeks of teaching sessions , then a week of evangelism campaign. 

     It was amazing to know  how these youths (ages 17-23) from mostly traditional churches in Holland sought to be discipled.  They expressed their hunger and  thirst  to  have a meaningful relationship with the Lord &  desire to be productive in their Christian walk. Our prayer is that God’s anointed presence be manifested in each of their lives as they go back to their individual churches, homes, schools and work.


Denia, Mini-DTS ~ Angels by the door…

    The group left at 5:00 am from the camp to do mountain climbing as part of the challenge for these Dutch Youths (16 of them).  It was a tough experience for everybody.  On their way back, three boys Peter, Dennis & William were so carried-away with their competition game to ran back down from the mountain top unaware that they were getting lost & were  leaving   the group behind.  So confident that they knew the way back from the mountain to the camp sight the three decided to just carry on with their escapades.  They eventually  left the group & decided to get back  to the camp not knowing exactly where they were heading. 

     Consequently, everybody arrived safely at the camp sight except the three.  It was 6:00 pm when the DTS leader realized that the boys must have really been lost, &  it will be difficult to find them if it gets dark.  Worried of the situation, he got back to trace them on the way to the mountain, then went to the police to ask for help, to the hospital if ever some accident was reported and til 12 midnight exhausted the possibility of searching, majority of the students took a walk from the campsite to the nearby town called Gata hoping to find them along the way but there was no trace.

     Prayers of intercession & warfare were dedicated.  The Lord spoke in such a special way assuring the students of His abiding presence & the activities of angels taking charge to protect.  Despite of doubtful questions, there was peace in our hearts.

     “Lord, please send your angels to grab the hands of the boys &   carry them right in front of this camp’s door.” was Rey’s prayer in faith & w/ full confidence in the   protecting hands of the Father as everybody retired to go to  bed.   At 3:45 am the following day, the three boys arrived repentant but surprised with the experience.   For almost 18 hrs of searching, they were not able to find the way back.  But  the time that they were about to give up, wanting to find a place to rest they suddenly found themselves right in front of the door’s camp.

     Rey , still uninformed of the good news, was wondering & asking God to speak & clarify the intension regarding the incident.  Then the door opened &  David, our staff shared of the boys safe arrival.  Bewildering questions by the students to Rey challenging him about the truth of the previous lessons taught regarding the voice of God, Father heart of God, etc. confused with the incident, the only reply he could give was … ¨We did our part, then let God do the rest.¨ Well and good,  the answer came loud and clear afterwards, that victory belongs to the Lord, His angels were sent to guide the boys back.  Glory be to God. Amen.


Dani’s desire: to be baptized at the Mediterranean Sea.  Right after the MOVIDA campaign, one of the leaders of the church in Capdepera invited Rey to attend their water baptism at the beach called “Cala Ratjada”.  Right away he thought of consulting Dani if he would be willing to do it as well as he mentioned that if ever he will be baptized, it has to be in Palma de Mallorca.  He was a bit sentimental about the place because it was where he initially responded & committed to the Lord to be involved in the ministry using his gifting.  He was positive about the idea so he committed to do it together with 12 more candidates from the church.  Praise God for this wonderful experience.  For Rey to baptize Dani, was an honor & a confirmation of our son’s full pledged commitment in His walk with the Lord.

All needs were met during & after the MOVIDA CAMPAIGN ‘06.  Questions are normally asked by people w/   regards to the costs of holding a festival involving international teams &   people from different places in Spain & Europe.  Honestly we’re financially limited, but by faith & through people’s commitment God miraculously meet all our needs.  This was our fourth year of the MOVIDA FESTIVAL and never had we encountered difficulty in meeting the finances involved.  Indeed, God’s work done in God’s way never ever lack resources.” Amen!

The provision for a place to spend a week of summer break in Mallorca was another miracle from the Lord for us, as a family.  Never can we afford vacation in Palma if not only through God’s provision.  Three homes hosted us.  .  Friends brought us for tours & sight seeing.  And the irresistible white sand beaches with the clear warm water, God’s perfect creation made our summer real relaxing &  unforgettable.  Also we are so thankful for God’s family & friends who lovingly extended to us their hospitality& generosity. To God be the glory!

Possibility for next year:  ARTC Spain exposure to Houston, Texas USA during the MOVIDA Fest 2007.  The Tropical Rhythm Dance Group from Houston Texas, USA having experienced this year’s festival offered to line-up ART Company’s itinerary in the USA.  The vision is to expose Spanish youths to do missions overseas, Lord willing. We trust  the Lord’s green light for this wonderful opportunity.  Amen!

THANK YOU  SO MUCH .  God’s faithfulness is made evident to us through all your prayers and support …

YOUR HOUSEHOLD IS SO BLESSED. Ezekiel 44:30     Love & Prayers,  Rey, Vivien & Daniel