ART COMPANY SPAIN MINISTRY – January 2008 Newsupdate

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Menorca Ch. Christmas Celebration

Villa Verde Church Mini-Festival

Las Rozas Church First Anniversary

May you have a prosperous & blessed NEW YEAR !!!

Then Jesus asked them,  “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?”

Nothing ,” they answered. – Luke 22:35


Miracles were named one by one.  To finish up with the year 2007 ART COMPANY team held an agape potluck celebration at Viv & Rey’s place. We enjoyed the meal and had a wonderful sharing time together.  Miracles were shared – divine healings, salvation of souls, faithful provisions, relationships restored, plans and desires fulfilled in other words curses turned into blessings!!!  There were problems yes, but God’s faithfulness prevailed & His power was manifested in & through us.


Gala, Mini-Festival, Agape Fellowship made our Christmas celebrations really meaningfulwith our desire to inspire churches to keep on and mobilize youths for God, we prayed for open doors.  Churches of Villa Verde Alto, Las Rozas, Noviciado, Monederos & Menorca invited us to be part of their special activities.  Souls were saved, church people were ministered to and  hearts of the youths were revived.  This is the spirit of Christmas!


17 souls accepted the Lord in Menorca.  Rey’s visit and preaching during the evangelistic event held in Menorca was a success. One of the church elders said: “Every time you visit us, souls are being won to the Lord and that  gives  us the opportunity to follow them up to grow in their faith, that’s why we are so grateful for all your help.”  Lord willing, they are preparing another special event in March to evangelize the international community of Menorca.  Praise God for churches actively reaching out to the losts !!


Vision to evangelize the professional artists.  Nestor from Bolivia, a professional painter indicated his desire to reach out to his colleagues.  Rey committed himself to meet with them every Friday night.  During the first session, Mario from Columbia accepted the Lord.  He too claimed the salvation &  healing of her wife with cancer.  Seven more artists are expected to come.  Please pray for miracle of healing to take place and divine intervention in every encounter.  Glory be to God! 


10 souls accepted at the Retiro Park.  The evangelistic team formed in ‘Monederos’ is now actively reaching out to the people at the ‘Retiro’ park.  Our commitment to do two Sundays a month with the group is being materialized.  By God’s grace, we too are consistent fulfilling our commitment to evangelize every Friday night at ‘Puerta del Sol’.  These are two strategic places in Madrid to rescue Spanish people for Christ.


Inner healing ministry restores relationships.  Mother-daughter relationship got restored in one of our ministry time.  Through ‘washing of feet’ the unforgiving heart was turned into a loving one.  As Rey received God’s impression explaining that the water represents the blood of Jesus shed on the cross, they both realized the cost Jesus paid to redeem them.  The spirit of forgiveness just filled the room and the group received the blessing as we witnessed the evidence of God’s faithfulness in healing our internal sufferings. Turning a heart of stone into a heart of flesh.  Turning our lives into channels of blessings.


Please pray for our activities:  ART COMPANY - is doing weekend evangelism in Puerta del Sol, Retiro Park, &  w/ the Artists Group; We do  theatre rehearsals > “JUICIO FINAL” ( An hour evangelistic play); We are  preparing for our television taping in February.  Festivals are being set up.  We are looking forward and lining up our summer activities.  Our cell groups are being held on Mondays and Saturdays.  Our commitments with different churches to form evangelistic teams and mobilize them are part of our calendar activities.  Each individual member of the group is designated to play leadership role in their churches in line with our specialized ministry.

Ministry Time

Creativity Time

Feet Washing

Christmas Carols

Church Gala

A solo number fr. Rey


Sincerely in Christ ,

Rey, Vivs & Daniel