Ptr. Ferrez, Vivien & Ptr. Fernando  Open air evangelism in Sol, Madrid    Dani w/ Palas Atenea Christian Students  Flamenco Dance


5 Ministry Departments in Action !!! 

ART COMPANY‘s focus this year is to improve these following aspects in the ministry:

1.  ART COMPANY NETWORKS –  our TV program, “CAFÉ Y TEATRO” introduces the Artists involvement through this network.  They perform , Rey does the interview,  this way giving an evangelistic message to the audience.  These various artists are challenged to be involved at least once a month for evangelistic festivals or special events.  An agape gathering is designed for a night of fellowship, sharing &  introducing new contacts interested to be integrated in the network.  This aspect could be strategic in expanding the vision to reach Spain for Christ through Godly artistic people. 

2.  “LA MOVIDA FESTIVALS” – Lord willing,  the MOVIDA Festival 2007, would feature CEIFA – a Brazilian known Christian Band.  They are having a tour in different countries &  would be in Madrid & Mallorca, Spain in September to minister with ART COMPANY.

3.  “DMCP” Cell Groups(Discipleship Module for Creative People) > Artists are potential vessels for God’s purposes  but  without  appropriate  discipleship it  could be dangerous.  A balanced well rounded preparation &  discipline is essential for a victorious warfare.  This is the objective of the DMCP cell group.   We are now doing two groups one on Mondays & the other on Saturday afternoon.  We begin with the basic teachings on :  WHO AM I ? – a personal perspective of our individual walk  w/ God,  knowing our purpose &  destiny.

4.   “THE LAST JUDGEMENT” Evangelistic Theatre Production –  Mobilizing churches to evangelize their communities proves to be effective.  And the Lord could manifest His saving power through the testimony of His people working together in unity.   To encourage churches collaboration on this,  Rey is actively participating in the pastors interdenominational retreats, conferences &  evangelistic events.  On Feb. 16-18 ,there will be a Pastor’s Conference in Talavera.  Then in March, he will be w/  the European Fire of Love association  conference.

5.   CHURCH PLANTING  Through God’s divine intervention in the lives of those who accepted Him as their Lord & Saviour, there is an an innate desire to search for God’s family where they belong , where they would feel loved , accepted &  together grow in faith.


     The Lord gave a group of Christian young people the burden to reach out to their friends &  colleagues in Palas Ateneo School in Torrejon de Ardoz, Madrid.   Opening their hearts, the parents gathered to meet &  encouraged them to pursue such a noble desire.  After one month of prayer looking for ways to do it,  Rey  met with them &  presented a creative idea of having “one unforgettable evening” – a special night  of Christian concert w/ musicians, singers, dancers &  w/ a painter to expound the word.   Danny suggested to create an ambiance of an empty carpeted room with low tables , no chairs,  candle lights,  stage coloured - lights with finger foods &  drinks.   On the 23rd of  February (Friday at 7:00 pm), we will hold it.  The wonderful thing about this is how these youths showed their voluntary initiative &  commitment  to do something worthwhile because they do care.  Together they have been  praying, planning, practicing &  excited in preparing for the upcoming  “one unforgettable evening”  - which is designed to be a regular once a month special activity to invite contacts & friends to join &  experience a different concept of Christianity.   That Christians are normal & friendly creatures who happen to love God &  desiring to make Him known !!!   Will you please remember this project in your prayers.  Let’s expect something wonderful to take place &  that the Lord may use each one of these youths to be light & salt in their school.


     A month ago, Vivien’s sister in the Philippines was diagnosed of acute leukaemia.  After she got confined for a month in the hospital, she’s now resting at home, grateful to the Lord for His grace & healing, desiring to serve Him the rest of her life. Praise Jehovah Rapha , our Great Healer!  Spanish people are hearing the Gospel &  some receiving Christ  every Friday night  at the Km. Zero in Sol, Madrid, ART Company ministers along with them.  Praise God for the freedom to evangelize in this city!  Artists are excited to collaborate with our evangelistic projects &  committed to see Spain saved, so that God’s kingdom could be extended through their talents &  powerful testimonies.  We thank God for Nestor – a professional painter, Julio – a graphic designer, Joshua & Runesk – our webpage designers,  the Russian Christian Band – singers & musicians,   Mongola (Rap singer/dancer),  Ancla-2 (Band/singer),  two ethnic cultural singer/dance troupes,  CEIFA (Brazilian band- singer/dancer/mime) & many more including the  uprising ARTC theatre / dance troupes.   Churches , Pastors &  friends who believe &  trust  us – we thank God for His favour.

God is so good and we are experiencing it through each one of you.  We praise God for  faithful friends &  partners in the ministry.   Thank you so much for all your support and prayers to us and for the ministry.

 With love &  prayers,   Rey, Vivien & Daniel


  Hip hop dance rehearsals.    Discipleship Module 4 Creative People Cell Grp.#1   Our youths in prayer.       “Unforgetable Eve” Poster