THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your prayers, support & partnership with us in the MINISTRY! Living in these last days is an exciting opportunity to see God’s prophetic words unfold before our very eyes & the expectation that any time, something tremendous would take place…1 Thess .4:17 “After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever.” - Rey, Viv & Daniel

Rey w/ our Young People who volun-teered to use dance for evangelism.

Evangelism, Discipleship & Missions Exposure for Youths

Spanish churches in Madrid, Tarragona, Toledo, etc. are extending their invitations for ART Company to spearhead their evangelistic summer outreaches. Rey is now preparing volunteers to participate and lead groups to minister to these places. Praise the Lord for these open doors! Let’s keep working while it is day, TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION! Amen!

Summer Campaign Theatre Group Preparation

Please pray for the Summer ‘MOVIDA FESTIVAL’ Rey is setting up in Menorca & other parts of Spain. Lord willing, Karin, a ballet dancer from Germany will teach ballet -funky dances, Helen, a music director from England will bring her group to do a concert. For the Churches to be passionate to such opportunity to evangelize Spain through the performing arts. (June-August 2011)

Seah from Korea … after her discipleship training with YWAM, came to join ART Company to be able to use her musical talent (she plays piano & flute) to minister among the Spanish youths. As a university student (taking Medical course), her life serves as an inspiration to a lot of youths here who has been wasting their lives in drugs & alcohol. About 50 young people … heard the Gospel as Billy Jane celebrated her 18th birthday in an evangelistic way. An opportunity for Rey to evangelize these youths.

Spiritual refreshing & timely visitation

This described the ministry Ptrs. John & Shiela Fries did to our church people during our brief visit to the Philippines & Singapore. In their age, retirement will never stop them from fulfilling the Great Commission according to them. Rocking chair is not for them. The zeal to see people won for Christ and grow in their faith captivates their passion which truly is contaminating leaving a great impact to us and the churches they’ve ministered to while they were with us in Madrid. Praise God for heroes of faith like them inspiring us to reach out for more, more, & more souls for Christ! For Missions Exposure please contact: rey.laudencia@hotmail.com.

Spiritual growth is evident … when signs & wonders happen! Mary’s testimony of divine healing amazed her doctor of how in three months’ time, her severe illness would show no sign of its existence. Roselyn’s employer, after prayed for by the church did not have to go through operations, he was healed. Now, there’s no more obstacle for her to go to church every Sunday. And a lot more testimonies of God’s healing power. God’s power through prayer can change lives, Glory to Him!